Balaam to Help Full Figure and Bajjo’s Kid


Recently, singer Jennifer Nakangubi alias Full Figure came out to reveal that she has a kid with controversial events manager Andrew Bajjo.

Jennifer Full Figure

She added on that the latter refused to take care of the kid and was ready to sue him if he insists on not helping her with child support.

Andrew Bajjo

However, Bajjo later-on refuted all the claims, saying that she has no business to do with a ‘girl’ who is renowned for murmuring nosense and this might be the reason why fellow events organiser Balaam Barugarahire has come out to promise to take care of this yet to be known kid by providing child support-like assistance.

I will be taking care of Full Figure and Andrew Bajjo’s kid as his guardian with financial and other basic assistance.” Balaam said.

He also added on that he planning to sue Andrew Bajjo through his lawyers with FIDA with child neglect.


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