85 LDUs Arrested & 8 Guns Recovered in Karamoja


Police and other security agencies have arrested a total of 85 people and recovered 8 guns in operations aimed to restore security in the Karamoja sub-region, Northern Uganda.

Security in the Karamoja sub-region had deteriorated in past days when gunmen intensified violent attacks on locals in which life and property has been lost. Authorities said that the intelligence led cordon and search operations have been conducted throughout the week in which the suspects were arrested.

“ Security agencies have this week activated operations to crackdown on criminals who are said to have intensified raids in the region hence raising fear among the communities.” Said AIGP Edward Ochom, the head of operations in Uganda Police force.

The suspects were arraigned in Napak district on Sunday. The Authorities said include “LDUs and armed cattle rustlers were among the suspects!”

Earlier, locals from Napak and Moroto filed a petition to the area Resident District Commissioner (RDC) in which they accused some LDU guards for perpetuating the violent crimes.

They accused the LDUS of hiring out the guns to some thugs who in turn terrorize villages. Reports of armed robbery have been reported increasing in the past days as thugs targeted household items and domestic animals.


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