I was first Dumped on Valentines Day – Jose Chameleone


Every one has a story to tell when it comes to the matters of heart mostly on experiences on some days meant for love such as Valentines, and so the legendary singer Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone.

While sharing some of his experiences on his past love affairs, the Leone Island boss seems to have certain 14th February celebrations to forget, and that was when he got dumped by his first girlfriend whom he identified as Lillian during an exclusive interview recently.

According to Chameleone, the first time he was heartbroken was on Valentine’s day after he had made a plan with his girlfriend to turn up at 10:00 am but she didn’t.

……. I’ve only been chucked just once in my entire life time and that was my first girlfriend who chucked me. It was even Valentine’s day. We had to meet earlier on like at 10 or 11 am in the morning but she didn’t turn up. She later showed face at around midnight. ” The ‘Baliwa’ singer revealed.

He continued that when Lillian came, she was smelling nice perfumes and he asked her where she was from but she started beating around the bush.

When I insisted that she was lying to me, she got pissed and started claiming that I wanted to beat her. In the process she left as if she was going home. I immediately got on a boda-boda and followed her. On reaching their home, she wasn’t there.” He narrated.

The singer then decided to sit at a neighbor’s veranda because he had no transport to take him back home andat around 3am, she comes back.

She comes out of a BMW with her date from Valentines’s celebrations then I see them hug and peck each other. I patiently waited for her. So as she was approaching her home, I called her “Lillian”, she made a loud alarm and ran away but I insisted on her and I even started crying. She abused me that I look like ghost and she dumped me.” The father of six concluded making it clear that this was only the time in his life he has ever been heartbroken.


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