Pia Pounds Apologizes for flashing Torn Pants on Stage


Recently, the Big Talent budding female musician Tracy Kirabo a.k.a Pia Pounds treated fans to a free optical nutrition of her succulent ‘SinCity‘ after her pants unfortunately got torn while performing on stage at Freedom City, leaving a section of her horny male fans pocketing.

However, she has now come out of the embarrassment to officially apologize to every one, revealing that it was an accident though the vast majority of the fans think it was a deliberate attempt.

Pia Pounds
Singer Tracy Kirabo a.k.a Pia Pounds

“By the way, I was recently on stage dancing when my shorts gave way people made fun of me…. I was dancing on stage and never thought something was wrong with my undies. I like showing my thighs but I don’t want to show past that. I want to apologies for my torn outfit. It made me shy, but it’s always good to own your mistakes,” Pia Pounds said.

Meanwhile, this was not the first time Pia Pounds getting caught up in such situations. During the Gravity

Omutujju’s Embuzi Zakutudde Concert, the Delicious star also flashed revelers. She then joined the list of other musician to show off their camel toes on stage thatv also includes Spice Diana, Renah Nalumansi and Cindy among others.

The Tubawe singer also clarified on the reports where she is linked to her Boss Eddy Kenzo and her Music producer, asserting that she is currently not seeing anyone, but the right person should be respectful and not a serial cheater.

She made it clear the Sitya Loss star was only her boss and nothing more than that.


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