KCAA Wants to Buy USAFI Market Back!


KCCA is full of surprises. Now Madam Jenifer Musisi is asking for money from Parliament to purchase USAFI market.

Brief background

USAFI Market was initially sold by KCCA at 110 Million

The land where Usafi is currently located belonged to KCCA. In 2011 KCCA sold it to an individual (who are believed to be Muhhamed Nsereko and his brother) at 110 millions shillings. This individual again hired the above land to KCCA and they built there the popular Usafi market.

Today KCCA wants to buy Usafi market at 43.75bn shillings.What a figure!!! That was the offer price. claiming that 37.5bn was the Capital investment and 5.625bn is return on Investment. So this means that they used 37.5bn to construct Usafi.

When we look at Wandegeya market the technical head says they used 6bn to construct Wandegeya market.
Really what is the level of Usafi to have consumed 37.5bn shillings


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