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Spice Diana Reveals why she let a fan fondle her while on Stage

Recently, controversial singer Spice Diana appeared in a video where she let a fan fondle her while on stage as she was performing some...

The Truth About Gravity Omutujju Kissing Spice Diana Picture

As the picture of the 'Black Panther' singer Gravity Omutujju snogging fellow musician Hajarah Namukwaya popularly known as Spice Diana is going viral on...

Spice Diana’s Wig Falls Off while Performing Live

Yes, you are right, she is at it again! At first, singer Spice Diana was in the news for good reasons musically and educationally...

Spice Diana, Goodlyfe in a music Collabo

2017 was Namukwaya Diana's (alias Spice Diana) year musically and 2018 might be hers too. She has been making headlines ever since this year...

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