What Really Happened to Alex Ssempijja the Sitya Loss Dancer?


Tragic as it was, there are many stories that have taken rounds all over social Media. Honestly, the first time I heard about the sudden death of this very talented young dancer, I was forced to believe these stories. Well, we are not here to prove conspiracy theories of any sort but give you what really happened and the other stories that are being said.

By now you must be aware that Alex was the lead Dancer in Eddy Kenzo’s dance group known as the Triplets or Ghetto Kids. This young talent was a very vigorous dancer having most of the spotlight in the group.

The sad news was brought to public audience when Eddy Kenzo himself posted on his Timeline sending off the young lad to rest shortly after the bike accident.

“Am sorry to announce the death of Alex Sitya Loss. I started working with Alex way back in the days of ‪#‎MundekeNumbe ‪#‎Zivuga ‪#‎Jambole‪#‎SityaLoss and recently in the ‪#‎SoGood video.They were involved in an accident with #‎Patricia the gal also in #SityaLoss video. Right now we are @CaseClinic doctors are trying their best 2 see that her life is saved. May the Great Lord see us through this hard situation. RIP ALEX My brother. oh God!!!,”

Kenzo posted on his Facebook page.

Alex is said to have been on a bike with another dancer in the Triplets group, Patricia Nabakooza who happens to be the only girl. They both were riding on the same bike from the Neverland Ranch of the Goodlyf boys located in Makindye. The bicycle failed to break sending them to crush into a trench. Alex hit his forehead and did not survive the collusion after being taken to Nsambya, Mulago and Lubaga Hospitals. Patricia survived and was rushed to Mulago in a critical condition and later transferred to Case Clinic.

Many entertainers all over Africa and the world have paid tribute the young Talent. These of course include all the comedians with Comedy files and a Nigerian Singer known as Kiss Daniel at the Buzz Teens awards.

There are rather controversial stories that cropped up and have been circulating alongside with the earlier story. Eddy Kenzo was rumored to be an Illuminati but we came up and silenced those rumors. Well, if something persists then options tend to run out. So, following that accusation, Eddy Kenzo is said to have sacrificed his lead dancer is a blood offering. People have come out to actually claim that the boy had a hole in his neck that is still a mystery to date. They further went on to speculate that that might have been the opening through which his blood was drained. But, as far as we know, this was a cut he got when he crashed into the trench.

Kenzo, however, came out and addressed these claims…

“It’s not new, I saw and read all about it when Joseph (Chameleone), Juliana, etc lost their loved ones, u all said it was a sacrifice. I have lost Alex and it’s the same thing (sacrifice), omuntu teyefiira newaba mwana mu lubuto nga yavudemu bagamba, nyina yamujeemu, We have lost Alex but instead of praying for the young soul yo just pointing fingers, I know my God is a living God, all this will come to pass, temunkaabya byenkaabye bimala, Wumula mirembe salongo wange, onsoseyo naye nange nzijja mukwano”

Another version of the story comes out to conform that Patricia had also lost her life in the accident. Well, this is certainly not true because a video came out of her on her sick bed with a message to his fans assuring them of getting better. People have as well informed us that the mother of this princess has threatened to pull out her daughter if not already from this Dancing Group. Also, claims followed that Kenzo had brought a Coffin for Alex which was rejected.

Other groupmates have also been rumored to have left the group or if not left already. Rema, as other people are saying has hidden Eddy Kenzo’s child on grounds that the child might also suffer from a similar or related but rather unclear death.

As this comes to an end, we recommend that you do not use this as conclusive research but in case you have any discrepancies with any of this grapevine or have evidence on new facts, please inform us… your efforts will truly be appreciated and rewarded. Also, read about Eddy Kenzo as he denies any connections with the Illuminati.

Before you dismiss a rumor, always first find out why it came up in the first place. Please share in case you liked this content or send in your comment in case there are any queries. Until next time have an awesome day.


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