NRM MPs Agree to Remove Presidential Age Limit


After living in denial for exactly one year when an attempt to amend article 102 (b)  was kicked out on technicalities, Ministers and over 200 National Resistance Movement (NRM) MPs finally pronounced their intentions on Tuesday morning.

In a meeting, all MPs supported the resolution, only Kumi Woman MP Monica Amoding declined.

As The African News Journal we have exclusively learnt that the Bill for the Constitutional amendment of article 102 (b) set to be introduced by Igara County MP, Raphael Magyezi, will be handled in the shortest possible time.

MP, Raphael Magyezi said, they have a team of dedicated legislators and researchers have made a review and they will seek leave of parliament to come up with a detailed report and a law that will lift all age related provisions in the constitution of the land to allow the youth and other able qualified Ugandans to vie for various political positions from the president, vice president to Local council levels

“We need this thing (amendment) to get out of the way as fast as possible. On. Magyezi said.

According to the rules of procedure of Parliament, the relevant committee has 45 days to process the Bill but it always exceeds such a time frame.

The champions of age limit removal, however, want the Committee of Legal Affairs to work on the Bill within one week when the Speaker refers it to their desk next week.

“The Committee should handle the thing in one week and report to the house,” he added.

Magyezi is Thursday expected to seek leave of Parliament to introduce the Bill and the African News Journal is informed he’ll return in only one week since every single detail concerning the amendment has been comprehensively dealt with.

When he returns and the first reading of the Bill is done possibly next week, the Speaker shall refer it to the Committee.

The proposed amendments remain a contentious issue with opposition leaders vowing to put up a fight against the proposed move.

The amendment is widely perceived as a move to favor President Yoweri Museveni, who will clock the mandatory 75 years in 2019 – just two years to the presidential elections, to stand again for president.

Currently, article 102 (b) prevents anyone above 75 years from standing for president.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo recently said many people want President Museveni to stay around.

“Indeed the issue of age limit has been raised in various forms with many people openly urging president Museveni to stay on and complete what they deem unfinished business,” said Opondo.

And yesterday As the MPS were meeting, a section of taxi drivers and bodaboda riders were matching to Parliament to present a petition the Speaker calling for the removal of the presidential age limit

The constitution was in 2005 amended to scrap the two presidential term limits clause, paving way for Museveni’s reelection in 2006, 2011 and 2016.


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