US To Support Walter Reed Project Despite Homosexual Allegations


The US government has said it will continue supporting the Makerere University Walter Reed Project despite the recent allegations that they recruit young males into homosexuality.

Last week, the Walter Reed project offices were raided by the police and closed down over reports that the managers were training and recruiting homosexuals.

However, the US government has denied the allegations.

Mr Daniel Travis, the spokesperson at the US Embassy in Kampala has refuted the allegations saying they are baseless and fabrications.

He told KFM, that despite the reports, the US government hopes to restart the projects work as soon as possible.

Mr Travis however said they need assurance from the Uganda government regarding project’s integrity.

He revealed that last week on Thursday when the Police raided the project offices in Nakasero, Kampala, an employee of the project was taken into police custody but later on released.

He added that then the US Ambassador to Uganda issued instructions that the project be suspended that same day to ensure the safety of staff and the integrity of the program.

Uganda Police Force claims they have evidence to prove the Makerere University Walter Reed Project has been recruiting young males into homosexuals.

Mr Fred Enanga, the newly appointed Police spokesperson said through their intelligence officers, they have got evidence to prove that the trainees were being shown videos of males having “unnatural sex” and would also be encouraged to bring their partners along.


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