International Acts to be Regulated in Uganda


International musicians are to be regulated in Uganda; this has come to light after the huge influx of international artists into the country to hold shows.

Since Covid-19 restrictions were removed early this year, over 10 Nigerian musicians have performed in Uganda.

Afrobeat music from Nigerians is the most trending music in the country, it dominates radios, TVs, and discotheques something that has left Ugandan local artists petrified of their future.

Last week, Constitutional Minister Norbert Mao met a clique of musicians led by Uganda Musician Association president, Cindy to tackle some of the hurdles encountered by the music industry.

One of the matters discussed in the meeting was the worrying dominance of foreign music that has stifled the growth and spread of local content in the country.

Putting some restrictions on the influx of international musicians into the country has been tabled.

The minister of justice Norbert Mao said that they needed to protect local cultures by regulating the inflow of foreign musicians into Uganda.

The matter is still under discussion and debate, the decision has not yet been made.


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