Sheebah Karungi Appreciates Miss Curvy Uganda Innovation


In a bid to promote Uganda’s tourism industry both locally and internationally, the minister for Tourism Kiwanda Suubi last week announced another initiative to attract more tourist to Uganda and that was ‘Curvaceous Women’.

Through this initiative, there will be Miss Curvy Uganda pageant to choose the most endowed woman in the country. However, this idea has been under fire as many Ugandans think it portrays a bad image about the country, creating a buzz and attention on local and international medias.

Miss Curvy Uganda
Some of the Curves expected to be in the competiotion

Meanwhile, there are those that appreciated the idea and come out to support the project and to the list is the self proclaimed ‘Swag mama’ Sheebah Karungi.

According to the ‘muwe’ singer, the project is okay because she believes that every woman in her category is a winner and this could advocate for women empowerment.

Sheebah Karungi
Singer Sheebah Karungi

“Miss curvy is okay because every woman is a winner. These are things that empower ladies and I’m a strong advocate for women empowerment. I love strong and confident ladies.” Sheebah gave her side.

The TNS music group star singer added on that the idea would even definitely make the ladies (in that category) stronger.


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