Enjoy Family Fun on a Uganda Safari


Family trips are so amazing! They make you move as a group and reduce the cost of travel per person. It also has several benefits to the family. It’s better to move with people you share similar interest including father, mother, children and other relatives. When it comes to family safaris, Uganda is one of the potential destinations that most Ugandans overlook! There are plenty of places that you can explore together with your loved ones. Some of the best destinations include;

  • the savanna national parks where you can enjoy a traditional safari including Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo National Park, Semuliki National Park etc
  • Island Destinations such as the Ssese Islands, Lake Bunyonyi Islands, Ngamba Island etc
  • Forests including Mabira Forest, Echuya Forest etc

With family trips you can stay in family cottages/ rooms to make your safari cheaper. Within most lodges, you can as well share other facilities like toilets, beds and so on.

Things to Do

There are lots of things that you can enjoy on a family safari in Uganda. From leisurely camping in the wild to the thrilling gorilla trekking in the impenetrable jungles of the forest, a lot awaits in Uganda! When planning these adventures, please put in mind that there are essential things to know about how these activities are conducted such as essential preparation, the degree of fitness as well as age restrictions.

In case you want to go gorilla trekking, you can ask to be put in group to track the same gorilla family. This company will enjoy do the gorilla trek with the people you know, an advantage over when you move with people of different interests. You can as well enjoy other activities like boat trips, nature walks, birding, etc together.

In case of a problem say sickness, it can be solved as a family. No worries about people left behind since you all leave homes for the trip. That brings more comfort when the family is together.

How to Plan a Family Safari

There are lots of tour operators you can use to plan a family holiday. However you need a tour company that pays attention to the needs of the family so that you can get the best out of your gateway! African Jungle Adventures is one of the leading tour operators who customize family safaris to suite every members needs and interests. The elders find joy on the safari when their children are near them than leaving them behind.

On family trips, you can also celebrate birth parties, anniversary and so on. Advance arrangement is required so that the lodge/ Hotel prepare for that important event. If you alerted the tour operator in time, be rest assured that all the arrangements you need will be made by the agency.

We note that, for any family safari to be organized successfully there must be a person behind it. It could be the mother, father or elder relative. All we need from you is to fill our safari form so that you provide us with details of your family in terms of age, gender, number of days you would like to spend in Uganda, rooming arrangement, activities that interest your family members and we will go ahead and advise you on the best available options.

We organize family safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We offer full package including transport, accommodation and gorilla permits for your family. For Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking, we need to know the age of each individual so that we establish if you will need a porter or if others meet the minimum age for gorilla trekking. Minimum age for gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda is 15 years and above and should you have any member of your family below that age, then it means that we need to organize other activities for him or her as she/he will not be allowed to meet Gorillas.

With family trips, you can spend time at islands like Ssesse, Ngamba, gong to Jinja to visit the source of river Nile, visit Uganda Wildlife Education (UWEC) or you can suggest any thing, we are ready to advice.


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