Bobi Wine Bounced At Jubilee Celebrations, Jubilee Song ‘Yoga-Yoga’ And Others Played Halfway.


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Bobi Wine and other Fire Base crew members arrive for a press conference in Kyaddondo Rugby grounds before the battle of champions show. (File photo)

As Uganda was celebrating 50 years of independence at the Kololo grounds in the presence of several heads of states from over 15 countries who were in attendance, there was lots of entertainment from various artistes like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Juliana Kanyomozi, Lady Mariam a.k.a Tindatiine, Jackie Chandiru and the American celebrated singer Judy Jacobs of Days of Elijah song.

Like all other events, there is always a funny bit to it. The Ghetto President, Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine, also the Omubanda Wa Kabaka walked in as usual with a “swag” trying to make his way to the Presidential pavilion followed by other Fire Base Crew members.

Security moved in swiftly to end a situation some plain clothes operatives were terming as abnormal. The Ghetto president assured them of how he was paid to come and attend unlike other Presidents who were given cards but this did not deter the security personnel from bouncing him out of the ceremonial grounds.

Songs cut short.

Just before President Museveni took to the podium to give his Golden Jubilee keynote address, Esther Nabaasa and her team took their positions to perform the official jubilee song but seconds after Esther had passed the mic to Ruyonga for the rap version of the Yoga Yoga song, the drizzling rain started and were asked to quickly leave the stage for the president.

Richard Kaweesa who has been having issues with Esther over who owns what percentage of the song was left disturbed with how the official song could be cut half way and the Queen’s official song sang twice.

Kaweesa said “I was disturbed in my spirit as to why the African Children’s Choir sang the Queen’s official Jubilee song TWICE at the Uganda celebrations at Kololo yesterday. Then came in our Official Jubilee song ‘Yoga-Yoga’ which was cut half-way.”

Juliana Kanyomozi one of the artistes who performed chipped in: “It was not only Yoga Yoga that was cut short. My I AM UGANDAN performance was also cut short because apparently a guest was arriving and they had to welcome them, can you imagine! I was only allowed to continue after that…”


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