Fading Socialite Bad Black Spills Singer Rabadaba’s Bedroom Secrets


Attention seeking socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa has spilled the bedroom secrets of the ‘Mukyamu’ singer, Rabadaba.

According to this controversial city socialite and thigh vendor, the faded musician is one of the best in bedminton among all the men he has tasted.

Socialite Bad Black
Fast Fading Socialite Bad Black

She revealed this via an audio that is currently going viral allover the entire social media platforms where she is heard praising a memorable day out she had with Rabadaba as she enjoyed his supernatural bedroom antics while exploring her enormous ‘sin-city’. Bad Black who currently prefers to be addressed as Baby Snail added on that Rabadaba is a complete being and she was often turned on by his ‘big incisors’ as he executed his moves during bedroom marathons.

Singer Rabadaba
Singer Rabadaba

This justifies the earlier gossip that made rounds on different media platforms some years back when the two still had a great mention in the entertainment industry. The two were rumored to be in a secret affair and this might be the reason why she might have fallen in love with the faded singer no wonder she can’t stop talking about the good time she had with him.


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