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Who is Prophet Brian Kagyezi, the Man Behind Pneuma Fellowship?


By Shemei Agaba

Of recent, you have heard of ‘hip and cool’ Christian fellowships croping up and sweeping off the dust full church. Something about these fellowships- they are fresh as a daisy; they have redefined the church gatherings; given a new face of life to christianity, breathed fresh air into worship, uniquely preached the word and of course demonstrating God through miracles, signs and wonders.

So, one particular Friday evening after work I remember very well it was the 15th of July 2016, I decide to attend one of these ‘hip and cool’ fellowships in Makerere, Kikoni at Grand Global Hotel called ‘Pneuma’ word fellowship- ‘Pneuma’ a Greek word to mean ‘Spirit’ A friend of mine Gerald had invited me previously and had told me to come anticipating wonders, mysteries and accurate prophecies so I could not wait to get to Kikoni at Grand Global Hotel. By 6Pm I had showed up and had made my appearance to the gathering.

At exactly 7Pm, I see a very young Man of God- Prophet Brian Kagyezi with a hipster haircut which you would bet if he could reveal any Godly mystery; steps up to the pulpit with a ‘cool’ and relaxed entrance to the front. He breaks into a worship song together with the choir which he sings like a nightingale bird. Prophet Brian Kagyezi (Above) With the building crowded to capacity, an aura from his piercing sound of worship changes the atmosphere; people roll over the flow and the rest speak in what sounds like strange tongues.

He then starts teaching. His sermon of the day is ‘The church, Part II- The church of Smyrna’ I pay attention to his teaching. His accent sounds so ‘hip and cool’. He preaches in an electrifying way while making bold statements and keeps stumping authority in each and every word that comes out of his mouth. In the middle of the sermon he makes a pause; it is followed by sudden loud screams from the congregation “Prophesy man of God… Papa prophesy…” the congregation made continuous loud piercing screams- it was the in house style.

He tells the congregation that “Something is going to happen in Turkey. It is going to make world news. It will be a sign for each and everyone that has attended this fellowship to believe in God” He looked straight and kept eye contacts with the congregation and emphasized the prophecy. “Something very serious is going to happen starting in Smyrna which now is not called Smyrna- it is now called ‘something like I-R-I-M (Spells it out) that is the current name.”

I wondered whether the prophecy is real or just a magical feat. He kept on asserting authority in his words expressing his dismay at those who didn’t believe in the prophecy “God is going to put a sign in Turkey for everyone who has attended this fellowship to see and believe Him. Something is going to happen in Turkey that is going to make world news.”

I wondered! My heart started beating fast and feared the Man of God would pounce on me and tell me my past and I wasn’t ready for it. I glued my eyes on each and every movement of his to see where he gets the things he was seeing but I saw none. I went back home and made sure I follow up what the man of God had said. I kept checking my Facebook feeds, twitter and T.V to be updated with foreign affairs.

I started digging deep into what was shared in the prophecy from the web. Smyrna the current city Izmir is a place that is found around Antioch. This place right now is in Turkey between Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra – just by the mountain of Parpos, a small rocky mountain called Parpos; and by that mountain, you find Smyrna current city Izmir in Turkey. “Something very serious is going to happen starting in Smyrna which, now, is not called Smyrna. It is now called like I-R-I-M; that is the current name.

Something very serious is going to happen because in Uganda we began to share. God is going to put a sign in that place for everyone. The purpose for this sign is simple; for everyone who has attended here to see and believe Him. So something is going to happen out of Turkey that is going to make world news in a place called like I-R-I-M, which is the previous Smyrna, around Antioch and Lystra. And everyone that is seated here will see it.”

The prophecy by the Man Of God. I was amazed by the accuracy and exactness of each bit of detail he mentioned in the prophecy when I searched on the web. It wasn’t long! By 11Pm E.A.T the news was all over networks reporting on an attempted military coup emerging in Turkey and the president had visited the same area. He said it was to be a sign for everyone in that fellowship to see and know that God is working.

Then I remembered the man of God saying “Something is going to happen out of Turkey and will make world news.” Now this is where it got interesting- I continued with the digging into the prophecy. The alleged head of the coup – Hulusi Akar, Turkey’s top army commander was his friend whom they intended to Islamise turkey so President Recep Tayyip Erdorgan was starting to pull out therefore making ties with a Christian town Izmir which is symarna. President Tayyip Eedogan was in Izmir for a holiday in the same place where the coup began.

I must say, having researched, listened with my own ears and seen with my own eyes the prophecy coming to pass, I’m certain and sure there is an accurate and true prophet of God in this Land. The prophecy about Turkey isn’t just a prophecy, it’s got to do with the church. Turkey is a Christian founded nation dag up by Islam radicalism. Christianity existed in Turkey long for about 1,023 years. The seven churches mentioned in the Bible- Revelation 2 and 3 existed in the old Turkey with Smyrna inclusive.

I’m also convinced that ‘a god’ of sort in this nation has been born unto us. No man of God in this country has both powerful aura of mysteries in the word and the accurate prophecy. If you want to attest of his accuracy get his latest prophecy about the next Big fall in Uganda of one of the gentlemen in the legislative arm of government whose party will desert and will fall a big fall.

prophet-1 prophet-6 prophet-4 prophet-3


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