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How the Kyambogo University Freshers Ball Went Down [Photos]

By the time I arrived at the Kyambogo Freshers Ball at 9pm, the football pitch was already packed to capacity with enthusiastic Kyambogo freshers and of course, those from other years. The Year Twos and Year Threes could be seen moving around like Hyenas hunting for prey to fest on for the cold Friday.

However the ratios left a lot to be deserved, inside where the real action was taking place, girls were not in plenty and there were more dudes than girls dancing. Groups of guys kept on sandwiching one or two girls to try and get some enjoyment from the day. However, security was at its best and it always came in on time to quell any fights that would arise due to a clash of egos.


Female freshers were very visible, many of them came ready to rock the party in their skimpy costumes. However, a disaster waiting to happen was the 3rd year and 4th year girls, these ones didn’t put in any respect to the Freshers Ball, some even came in umoja sandles. Wabula Kyambogo.

Anyway, soon, artistes begun their performances. The first big name was Leila Kayondo who came dressed in black dress-shorts. Mehn, she got some bums that got many dudes salivating. She performed a few of her songs then rushed off.


Then came other upcoming artistes whose performances would be interrupted just before another big act came on stage. The people that rocked the day were Nutty Neithan and Mun-G. In fact Mun-G has now successfully proved to be the number one favourite artiste for campusers. As he asked the students; “if you are a virgin and you know say I am”, everyone answered in unison and then afterwards let out a big hollow laugh at this big joke. Of course, it is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to find a virgin girl at a Ugandan University.

Nutty Neithan performed his ‘Walk to Work’ songs and ‘Muli muki.’ However, he almost got blocked by police as he had not used the official entrance. He had jumped over a baricade. It took the pleading of the organizers to save him from the embarassment as security was doing everything possible to bounce him. Talk of nonsense police at work. Tebagala kumanya whether you have blue hair or not.


Then there was another artiste called ‘Topic’ who has a popular hit song with Sheebah. Few students had an idea of who he is. He performed the ‘Tonzoleya’ song and rushed off the stage.

After Nutty Neithan’s performance, the dance floor was opened. However, a good number of students chose to head for their hostels as it was some few minutes to mid-night. But the hardcore ones stayed over till the wee hours of the night, enjoying a good number of cheap beers from the sponsors.

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