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Books in Uganda

Books in Uganda

What is the reading culture like in Uganda?

Not so many will talk so much about books in Uganda. Being the Africans we are, the trends do not have it yet that many of us like to read. The saying usually goes,’ if you want to hide something from an African, put in a book. But well, thank God our literacy levels are going up every now and then .Uganda’s literacy level stands at about 73% which is also a very good source of achievement as far as the millennium development goals are concerned. This just indicates and gives us hope that the reading culture is becoming better and better every day.Ugandan children's librarly

What kind of books should I Look out for in Uganda?

All that being said, let us look at how the book culture is perceived in Uganda. You will often find a number of books for different use and audiences. Some of these may also have jacket cover images where it applies. The books in Uganda range from novels, as well as other publications.ugandaAtGlance

What are Uganda’s recommended Book titles and cover images?

Books about Uganda will include titles like, The travel guide and directories which are often published as magazines .Most of these will give you an oversight of What Uganda is, the geographical features and facts, social economy and society, culture, as well as important places like churches, attractions, theaters, hospitals or even embassies. Main towns are also often referred to for specific features and history.

Where Can I buy books in Uganda?

After knowing all the possible books about Uganda, the next question would be where one can access or buy these books. A number of bookshops and book stores have been established in Uganda where you will be able to access these books to equip yourself with any information that you desire. Reference could also be made to the link below. women development

Otherwise,you will find all sorts of books in places like Uganda bookshop which is located just adjustment to Christ the King church that is found in the middle of Kampala city, St Paulines book center found along Kampala road, Aristoc Bookstores located in Kampala,Mukono and other towns around Uganda,to mention but a few.

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