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Shun traditional birth attendants, expectant mothers told

Shun traditional birth attendants, expectant mothers told

Expectant mothers in Buikwe district have been cautioned against seeking medical care from Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) but instead use the reproductive voucher system.

The warning was issued by the District Health Officer (DHO) Dr.  Richard Bbosa .

Bbosa told Journalists in an interview that the practice of TBAs was stopped by the ministry of health and urged expectant mothers to embrace the voucher system which was recently introduced by Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG).

The voucher system is targeting the poor pregnant women who reside in rural areas who are always asked to contribute money for fuel in a time of need, yet they cannot afford to pay out of pocket for maternity services at that crucial time hence risk losing their lives.

 r amidu ugole the incharge of ugazi uslim health displaying a reproductive health voucher Dr Hamidu Mugole, the in-charge of Lugazi Muslim health displaying a reproductive health voucher.

Bbosa said the voucher system will reduce maternal mortality in the district since some of the mothers fails to go to health facilities due to transport costs.

The voucher system pays for all antenatal services deliveries and in case a mother needs to be referred, the voucher also pays for emergency transport expenses. The vouchers are sold to mothers at sh4000 by the selected good life promoter also known as Village Health Teams (VHTs).

Bbosa added: “If mothers get to know that the costs for antenatal and delivery services have been catered for by UHMG , it helps them to make quick decisions  to go to health facilities because they will know that the financial bit has been handled.”

Lugazi Muslim health centre is one of the private not for profit hospital which was accredited to roll out the voucher system to pregnant women with the help of the VHTs. Dr Hamidu Mugole the in charge of the health facility said voucher system has brought husband care on board saying that previously they were not accompanying their wives to hospitals during and after delivery.

He said that ever since expectant mothers were enrolled on Voucher system we have not registered and pregnancy complications or fistula cases. ‘So far over 200 expectant mothers have benefited from the voucher system and we started with January.

What beneficiaries say

Assina Namugolo, 25, and a resident of Kikawula village Buikwe district said she was enrolled on the voucher system when her husband abandoned her.

She added that she could not afford the cost of transportation from her home to the health facility until when she was approached by the good life promoter who enrolled her on the programme.

She commended UHMG for the services. “I got a miscarriage during my first pregnancy due to complications I experienced, now ever since I was enrolled on the voucher system I don’t have any problem,” she said.

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