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5 Reasons Why a Woman Becomes Unfaithful to Her Partner

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When a woman cheats on her partner, it’s not always a decision made in the heat of the moment. Often there has been a slow breakdown in her relationship that led her to someone else’s arms. Here are some of the reasons why a woman becomes unfaithful.

1. She doesn’t feel cherished

A woman needs to feel loved. If her partner isn’t making her feel like she is valuable and that no one else could make him as happy as she does, this may cause her to seek validation elsewhere.

2. There’s a lack of physical contact

Touch is important for a relationship to thrive. Without it, both parties will feel taken for granted. If a woman isn’t receiving loving touch on a regular basis, this will cause her to feel as if she’s not desired.

3. She doesn’t feel heard

An important part of building intimacy is not only listening to each other but also hearing each other. A woman wants feel she is being heard when she speaks. She wants to know her partner is listening with his or her entire being and that they’re able to empathize with her and validate her experiences. Without this connection, she’s more likely to become unfaithful.

4. You put her down

If you want your lady to steer clear of cheating, don’t be harsh. If you say rude things and regularly inject your conversations with criticism and put-downs, the instant another person treats her well and says something nice will likely be the moment you’ve lost her. If you don’t do anything to boost her self-esteem and make her feel good, someone else will.

5. The sex is bad

If you’re not laying down the law in the bedroom, you’ll eventually have a problem on your hands. Women love sex just as much as men, so don’t be selfish when it comes to pleasing your woman.


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