How to backup and restore Samsung S9 with Smart Switch Desktop

How to backup and restore Samsung S9 with Smart Switch Desktop

Hello guys, how are you doing? Today, we will be discussing about the most crucial and rather important topic which is how to backup and restore Android smartphones. Precisely, in this article we will be only discussing about how to back up and restore Samsung S9 or any other Samsung device using Samsung Smart Switch Desktop.

Samsung Smart Switch Desktop is another creation of Samsung Company and this software is only available for Samsung user. It is similar to Samsung smart switch app which is rather used for receiving and sending data in between smartphones. But with Smart Switch Desktop you can connect smartphones to PC and it then helps you to backup your entire phone to PC. The fun part is if you are using any other Samsung Smartphone then it also helps you to restore all the data from your computer to the Samsung phone. In this article, we will be focusing on how to back and restore Samsung S9 with Smart Switch Desktop but it will pretty much work with all Samsung smartphones.

Introduction to Smart Switch Desktop

Basically, Smart Switch is a desktop program, which is available on both Windows and Mac Platform. Furthermore, its sole purpose is to backup your Samsung device and later restore it if required. Additionally, it is helpful for all Samsung users as it is free. This program is super easy to use with clear user interface. But keep in mind, it is only available for Samsung users and other smartphone brands won’t get any benefit from this program at all.

Key Features of Smart Switch Desktop:

Backup any Samsung Smartphone to PC within minutes.

Restore data from PC to any Samsung smartphones.

Helps to create a full backup of your phone that you can save on computer.

Liter in size. Easy to use.

Support staff is available to serve you.

Minimum CPU resource is used.

Available on both Windows and Mac platform.

Free to use.

Working of Smart Switch Desktop:

Step 1. Download the compatible version of Smart Switch Desktop

This program is compatible with both iOS and Windows operating system, so make sure to download the “.exe” version for Windows version and the DMG version for Mac. Next, install the program like regular software and open it after the installation process is finished.

Step 2. Run the program and connect Samsung S9 to PC

Once the program is opened on your computer, connect your Samsung S9 to PC with a connectivity cable. Your phone will be automatically shown on the software name and if not, then simply enable the USB debugging on your Samsung S9.

Step 3. Backup your Samsung S9

There are only 3 buttons available on the main user interface of the program. TO backup your entire phone, simply click on “Back up” and select the data that you wish to backup for example, videos, pictures, documents, contacts, etc. Next, select the location where you want to save the backup of your device on the local computer drive.

Backing up data may take several hours depending on how much data you are saving in your PC.  But after it is completed, you will be able to keep the backup of your phone in PC.

Step 4. Restore your Samsung S9

Now, if you wish to restore the data from the backup file, it is again very simple. Simply connect your phone and click on “Restore”. Locate the backup file from the computer and wait for the program to extract all the data from the backup and save it on your Samsung phone.

Another way to selectively backup and restore Samsung smartphone is by using Androidphonesoft. It is have more options to backup the device. Besides, you are able to view the files after export or backup.

That’s how easy it is to restore backup files using Smart Switch Desktop. To summarize the whole article, Smart Switch Desktop only helps to backup and restore Samsung devices. It is absolutely free to download and is a must have tool for all Samsung users. Hopefully this guide taught you how to use and implement this program.  But still if you have any issues then please do let us know in the comments below.

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