Tourist Operators Worried about Ugandans’ Lack of Interest in Own Country

Tourist operators and promoters have said Ugandans are unable to promote their country on the global market because they are not interested in it and are not proud of it which is causing a misrepresentation of Uganda and Africa on the global market.

Matthias Magoola, the chairman Dei group of companies, a technology company that has special interest in tourism promotion in Africa, noted that because Ugandans do not know well their country and cannot give offhand information to tourists and visitors, Uganda and Africa at large continues to be misrepresented as a dangerous and underdeveloped continent that is known only for bad things by whites who in most cases have hidden agendas.

“No foreign is going to tell Uganda’s story in a positive way like an average Ugandan. These tourists and development partners who we have delegated as spokespersons for our country normally report and tell our stories based on their personal agendas. They will never portray Africa as a competitive growing economy because they are afraid of competition,” Magoola noted.

He was speaking during the launch of a new application, Dei Places that are aimed at promoting tourism places in Uganda and Africa by giving a platform to the general public where they can share their experiences.

Dei Places, a product of Dei group of companies which was launched yesterday Monday at Hotel African is a social networking platform that allows users from all parts of the world to promote and market their places of origin by uploading pictures, videos and texts of places, animals and natural resources with the intention of attracting other tourist in that areas.

Speaking about the new application, Matthias Magoola, noted that the new application would help in promoting the undiscovered, misreported natural beauty of Uganda to the rest of the world.

“This is a free platform for all Ugandans to share their experiences and promote their country,” Magoola noted.

He asked government agencies and other private tourism company to take advantage of the new platform to promote the country’s tourism sector as a way of improving economic status of the country.

Moses Matovu, the marketing manager at Dei Group said that apart from individuals uploading pictures and videos, they can upload information about their businesses, career CVs and jobs for employees.

“This is a platform that will help Ugandans to socialize in the best way possible but also seek and upload information that is useful for everyday use,” Matovu said.

He further asked Ugandans to take interest in their country and soundings and love it like other people in countries India and Brazil are proud of their cultures.

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