FUFA Guides SC Villa on its elections

FUFA has written to Sc Villa guiding them on the elections they were set to hold this month.
In a communication to its Member and signed off by the FUFA CEO Edgar Watson, the local soccer governing body directed SC Villa to follow the FUFA Statutes for guidance on holding the elections.
Part of the letter reads;

The FUFA Statutes (Art. 18 par 1, 4, 5 & 6) provides for the Members of FUFA to be subordinate to FUFA and that their (Member) Statutes and amendments thereof shall only come into force after the approval of FUFA.

It has come to the observation of FUFA that Sports Club Villa, intends to organise elections of its bodies.

FUFA has further observed that the member is in contravention of the FUFA Statutes;

In order to ensure good governance, protect the interests of Sports Club Villa  and return to normalcy, FUFA hereby requires the following;

1) A comprehensive review, approval and/or ratification by FUFA of the Statutes of the Member before elections of the bodies of the said Member may proceed to be organised

2) That the process of review, approval and/or ratification of the Statutes by FUFA and election of the bodies of the member are completed by 31st December 2018.

The letter further reads;

In order to ensure continued management of the day-to-day business of the Member, FUFA shall continue to recognize the current President and management of the Member until elections in accordance with the FUFA approved and/or ratified Member Statues are concluded but in any case not later than 31st December 2018

FUFA will avail legal guidance in the process of the comprehensive review of the Member Statutes.

As a member of FUFA, kindly note that non-compliance may lead to sanctions as provided for in the FUFA Statutes

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