Age Limit: Fr Gaetano Accuses Kabale RDC of Mobilizing Priests against Him

The outspoken priest of Kabale Diocese, Rev Fr Gaetano Batanyenda, has accused Kabale Resident District Commissioner Darius Nandinda of mobilizing priests in the diocese to rebel against him because he is opposed to the lifting of the presidential age limit besides being a critic of the NRM government.

“I have information that the Kabale Resident District Commissioner is mobilizing about 50 priests in Kabale diocese to undermine me and he is promising to take them to Rwakitura to meet the President for possible financial support through their Kabale Diocesan Priests Savings Scheme. Stop demeaning my fellow priests, they are not your level,� Fr Batanyenda said.

“I have a few mind boggling questions to you Mr Nandinda, why are you mobilizing my fellow priests against me? After Rwakitura, you and your mobilized priests, what do you what to do to me?, kill me?, poison me?, exile me?, imprison me?, I am not scared of your intimidation and your other evil plans because I feel secure in the hands of the him that sent me to speak up for the people who cannot speak for themselves, protect the rights of all who are helpless. Speak for them and be a righteous judge. Protect the rights of the poor and the needy,� Fr Batanyenda said as he quoted the Bible (Proverbs 31:8-9).

Fr Batanyenda also stressed that it’s his duty and right to defend the constitution and in particular to resist any person or group of persons seeking to over throw the established constitutional order through illegal and immoral means.

He added that the role of church leaders as the icon of civil rights Movement Reverend Dr Martin Luther King explained that if the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become and irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.

The RDC, Mr Darius Nandinda, described the accusations as false, adding that if the priests organized in their development institution such as a Sacco and wanted to meet the president he would support them but not mobilizing them against an individual of Fr Batanyenda.

“Fr Batanyenda should concentrate on his calling for church service and spiritual healing and stop using the church plat form for politics. I have seen the letter he wrote to me, it s completely nothing and its contents are baseless. I think he is writing such letters to intimidate and scare me so that I stop uprooting the poisonous political messages he plants in community members aimed at halting the NRM leadership,� Mr Nandinda said.



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