No NRM Diaspora League Elections- Walusimbi Clarifies

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Diaspora Chairperson, Haji Abbey Walusimbi has called upon all the diaspora to disregard calls for elections in the league.

The parallel league leadership led by Patrick Asiimwe and Godius Yesigye while addressing the media last week revealed that plans have been finalized to conduct elections to come up with a new diaspora league leadership.

Yesigye said the process commenced by registration and issuance of diaspora party cards to all the members, adding that after all is done; the group shall issue a roadmap for conducting elections.

On learning about the issuance of the party cards, the party secretariat in Kampala issued a statement warning the group from engaging in the illegal exercise and promised to commence investigations into the matter.

However, Yesigye informed the media that their activities were sanctioned by the party Vice Chairperson, Moses Kigongo adding that the cards that are being issued are not national party cards but diaspora cards meant for identifying members of the diaspora.

Speaking to ChimpReports on Wednesday at the party headquarters in Kyadondo, Walusimbi urged members of the diaspora not to be hoodwinked by the group that there are any elections being planned.

“Stop lying to people that we are to have elections without any road map from the Secretary General in conjunction with the Chairman Electoral Commission of the party,” Walusimbi said.

Walusimbi has led the league for more than 12 years and there hasn’t been elections conducted for the league in 2015 despite the party renewing its structures.

“Like some other institution leagues, the diaspora league was advised not to hold elections but maintain the status quo; the league had filed several proposals calling for amendments in the party constitution on how the diaspora is being run,” Walusimbe said.

He noted that the decision to maintain the status quo was taken by the party Central Executive Committee (CEC) noting that elections would be held after reviewing the tabled proposals which is still pending.

“No road map has so far been issued and if any elections are to be held, this will happen in 2020; the people in the diaspora should wait for a roadmap from the party electoral commission.”

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