Museveni, Bashir Discuss River Nile In Kisozi Car Ride

President Museveni calls for River Nile protection
President Yoweri Museveni has called for the protection of River Nile by all the countries through which Africa’s longest river crosses.

The President made the remarks today Tuesday at his farm in Kisozi, Gomba district where he had taken his guest President Omar Ahmed Al-Bashir of the Sudan for a tour. President Bashir concluded his two-day State Visit to Uganda.

Upon arrival in Kisozi, President Museveni drove his guest around the farm showing him the different types of cattle he rears; stressing the need to conserve the environment.

The trip is seen as a step forward in strengthening ties between Uganda and Sudan as the two countries prepare to do more business together.

Until recently, Bashir and Museveni were never perceived as friends as they supported rebel movements against each other’s governments.

But Museveni’s trips to Sudan and Bashir’s latest visit underscore the two leaders’ determination to breathe new life into bilateral ties.

In Kisozi, President Museveni observed that if the majority of the population stays in the villages they risk spoiling the environment by cutting down trees for firewood and draining swamps to get land for farming.

“People talk about the Nile but do not know about it. When the villagers uproot the papyrus, it is very dangerous for the Nile,” he said.

The President noted that if the countries that the River Nile crosses paid more attention to protecting its tributaries and the environment instead of fighting over the river, there would be no worries about the Nile drying up.

He explained that growing crops such as rice in swamps dries up the tributaries of River Nile, such as River Katonga, which in turn reduces the rainfall levels and the water in the river.

“When Uganda got independence, the Chinese introduced swamp rice, which should have never been accepted. Swamp rice interferes with the rain formation and swamp water as evaporation decreases and water does not go into the ground,” he said.

President Museveni warned that this would in the end lead River Nile to dry up. He, therefore, called for industrialization and rural electrification in order to protect the environment.

He explained that if majority of the population would use electricity and get employment in industries, it would be easier to protect the environment as most of the population would move from rural to urban areas.

“The United States of America, with a population of over 300 million, has only 2% of the population involved in agriculture,” he said.

Visiting President Al Bashir of the Sudan thanked President Museveni for the invitation on a State Visit to Uganda and the tour of President Museveni’s farm.

“This is the most wonderful and enlightening visit,” Al Bashir said.

The Minister of State for International Affairs, Hon. Okello Oryem, Ministers from the Sudan were also part of the tour entourage.

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