Mbarara: FDC Disagree With Police on Venue; Besigye Arrested

Police in Mbarara found hard time controlling an opposition FDC campaign rally by one of the party presidential candidates Patrick Amuriat, who was flanked by Col Dr Kizza Besigye and other opposition figures .

The Police after failing  to reach an agreement with the politicians decided to arrest Dr Besigye. By publication time he was being driven back to Kampala.

Police woke up Tuesday morning to prepare for the political rally, by deploying heavily in most corners of the municipality and all roads leading there.

Realizing the police move, the opposition supporters also readied them; as some were seen hiding stones them in their pockets.

Known for pulling tricks on police, Col Dr Kizza Besigye silently drove into the municipality and entered Grand Holiday Hotel where he usually rests whenever is in Mbarara.

People wearing red Ribbons heading for the rally at Boma grounds

Some of his supporters however, noticed and started gathering outside.

He later came out and left the inn in a growing procession, only to meet a police roadblock at the Mbarara-Masaka road junction (Mahembe Gente).

The officers asked him take the Makhan Singh Street and not High Street where they feared he would disrupt traffic.

Besigye declined and insisted otherwise as his supporters turned angry and started exchanging with police.

Police used water cannons on the supporters

Stones started flying and police responded with teargas, water cannons and live bullets.

As tension grew, people started closing their shops as smoke covered the streets.

The police at this point decided to arrest Besigye in his Land cruiser, which they pulled to Mbarara police station.

The area regional police spokesperson Samson Kasumba says they and the Amuriat Campaign disagreed on the venue.

The police said they had booked Kakyeka Stadium for the rally, after consulting with Mbarara District Chairman Capt. JB Bamuturaki who provided the venue  free of charge.

Heavy Deployment on High street

However, the campaign wanted to use Boma grounds for which they had paid.

Kasasira said police realized that Boma was insecure for Mbarara University students who pass there while heading to their hostels.

He said Besigye was apprehended for defying lawful orders of the police and was detained at Mbarara police station but shortly he was driven in a police van back to Kampala.

The police mouthpiece also confirmed that Besigye’s car was damaged with stones together with a number of police vehicles in the scuffle.

He said however that no injuries were registered, or arrests.

The campaign flopped and Patrick Amuriat Oboi was seen driving back to Kampala.


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