NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: UPDF, Police Clash Outside Kaweesi Ex Girlfriend Home

A specialized team of police officers armed with assault rifles have unsuccessfully tried to break barriers set up by UPDF soldiers in a move aimed at arresting the former girlfriend of slain Assistant Inspector General of Police (IGP) Felix Andrew Kaweesi.

“The police have been trying to force their way inside my house. They are here,” cried Christine Mbabazi as cops moved around the main entrance to her residence in Lungujja, a Kampala suburb.

The incident occurred at exactly 5:37pm.

It all started on 15 September 2017 with Internal Security Organisation (ISO) boss Colonel Frank Bagyenda Kaka meeting with Mbabazi at a hotel in Kabuusu in the outskirts of Kampala.

In attendance was a man suspected of having carried armed men on a motorcycle to kill Kaweesi.

During the meeting, Kaka reportedly quizzed Mbabazi on her ties with Kaweesi.

Kaka further asked Mbabazi whether President Museveni had called her.

On her part, Mbabazi explained that Kaweesi was ‘just’ a friend.

“I told Kaka that I knew nothing about Kaweesi’s killing and had never had an affair with him,” recalled Mbabazi in an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on a secure network.

“But Kaka didn’t want to listen to me,” she added.

According to Mbabazi, the ISO chief directed her to “shut up” and “follow my instructions.”

Kaka charged at Mbabazi: “I am now going to arrest you. You just keep quiet. You are now under arrest. I’ve powers to arrest you.”

Mbabazi recalled being helpless as her phone was taken away on Kaka’s instructions.

Mbabazi holding a bible in her bedroom amid a security blitz outside her residence

Mbabazi holding a bible in her bedroom amid a security blitz outside her residence on Thursday 

A few minutes later, according to Mbabazi, Kaka directed ISO Investigation Officer Lt Juuko Sserwanga to deploy soldiers at the hotel to guard her.

“She is not going anywhere. Deploy as many people here as possible including one at the door,” Kaka directed Juuko.

The latest development shines a spotlight on the dark world of the Kaweesi murder investigation.

It also raises fears that some of the suspects allegedly arrested and charged for the senior officer’s horrifying murder could be innocent.

This incident also blows the lid off security organs’ unknown operations that have seen presumably innocent people detained incommunicado without trial.

A UPDF tent inside Mbabazi's compound

A UPDF tent inside Mbabazi’s compound

It could also point to the possibility of president Museveni being fed with fake crime intelligence by his security organs.

Mbabazi told ChimpReports that after the Kabuusu meeting; soldiers attached to ISO escorted Mbabazi to her home in Lungujja.

“I have been here suffering. I am not allowed to meet anyone. I can’t even see my friends and relatives. My three kids and five dependants want to see me but they are not allowed here by security people,” cried 38-year-old Mbabazi.

She said while being detained at the hotel, Lt Juuko threatened to kill her – an accusation we could not independently verify.

A soldier deployed at Mbabazi's home

A soldier deployed at Mbabazi’s home

“He came to my door and ordered a soldier deployed there to leave the place. I was lucky the soldier said it was only Kaka to give him instructions,” said Mbabazi.

“But Juuko kept threatening me that I would die if I thought the president would protect me forever,” said Mbabazi.

Asked whether the president had contacted her in the wake of the Kaweesi murder investigation, Mbabazi responded:”No, that’s not true. My phones are available to check.”

Mbabazi says she would rather “go to Luzira than endure this kind of persecution.”

By 6:10pm, police were still waiting in a car outside Mbabazi’s gate. Col Kaka is also at the scene and has been heard giving instructions to soldiers.

It remains unclear why police want to pick Mbabazi from her tightly-guarded residence and why ISO don’t want to let her go.

This is a developing story. More details will be posted in due course

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