Kutesa’s PA Spills Age Limit Cash Secrets

David Kabanda a PA to Sam Kutesa has taken his fight against age limit to another level. Kabanda, a popular Nbs TV panelist, administers a number of WhatsApp groups devoted to resisting the Magyezi motion. This is what he  just posted a short while ago:

Hon Peter …..(2nd name deleted) has today received money from president Museveni to give District Youth League Chairpersons to call a press conference in support of amending article 102(b).

He received 100M cash today from Museveni with instructions to give five million (5M) shilling per District Youth League Chairperson to attend the said press conference and the rest of the money is to bribe the press.

The press conference will be called either tomorrow or within the week.

I encourage our youth Chairpersons to eat the 5M each but refuse to attend.

David Kabanda

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