‘Kaki Taxis’ boss Tom Kaaya Arrested in Shs 2.7bn Scam

City businessman Tom Kaaya has been arrested and detained at Kabalagala Police Station, Chimp Corps report.

The tycoon, known for his massive investment in Uganda’s public transport sector, is accused of defrauding businessman Sam Buchanani a staggering Shs 2.7bn.

Police officials told ChimpReports Kaaya is being held on charges of “Threatening violence, misuse of firearm and obtaining money by false pretence.”

According to Sam, Kaaya sold him a residential apartments structure in Mengo worth Shs 3.5bn which the latter did not surrender.

“We agreed that after paying him Shs 1.5bn, he would hand over the property to me,” said Sam.

“After paying the agreed amount of Shs 1.5bn, Kaaya said he needed to clear an overdraft of Shs 500m urgently. I gave him the money plus Shs 100m for brokers,” the complainant added.

Sam said after this transaction, “Kaaya changed. When I went to his house to discuss this issue, he pulled out a gun and fired shots in the air.”

Sam recalled what he describes as a nasty experience: “Kaaya told me to leave his home. He said, ‘ I am the owner of the property. Look for me tomorrow.’”

Efforts by concerned authorities to reconcile the duo over the matter did not bear fruit.

It was not until this Wednesday that Sam got policemen from Old Kampala to arrest Kaaya from Bulange.

“But we found many thugs who nearly lynched my son from Kaaya’s compound,” said Sam.

“Kaaya told police that he could not be removed from his place at night. We agreed that it was better to avoid chaos. So we left the place.”

Kaaya, who runs ‘Kaki Taxis’, claims being a close ally and supporter of president Museveni.

However, sources say IGP Gen Kale Kayihura was incensed by Kaaya’s conduct hence ordering his arrest on Thursday.

“He diddles people before threatening them with guns. I am not the only victim. He has been hiding at his farm in Luwero where people salute him,” Kaaya was quoted as telling cops at Old Kampala Police Station.

“I decided that this must come to an end. I am going to fight until he faces justice.”

Kaaya, who is currently in detention, is expected to file his defence soon.

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