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Stella Nyanzi “Feels Like Shooting the President”

Dr Stella Nyanzi, the infamous rights activist and educationist, who is out on bail for slandering the President, is not  resting her axiomatic pen.

She took to her widely followed Facebook page this morning yet again, expressing her urge this time to assassinate President Yoweri Museveni, who she calls “a tumor that has grown into a vicious malignant cancer.”

Ugandans, she says, have helped “put talcum powders and soothing balms on it, instead of cutting it out in its early days.”

“I am so desperate for regime change that sometimes I feel like buying a loaded gun, teaching myself how to take aim and fire, lying in wait for the president, and shooting him (back) to the realm of his ancestors,” she posted.

She quickly added however, that this alone might not be enough to rid the country’s dictatorship and corruption, which is why she won’t be embarking on the deadly mission.

“Eliminating one big bad malignant cell will not remove the cancer that has eaten the bulk of our country. Killing the president is too easy to end the dictatorship,” she said.

The academic’s vile remarks could not only plunge her into more troubles but also threaten her bail, considering that she was cautioned by the Buganda Road Magistrate’s Court to refrain from making any more cyber-attacks”or derogatory statements against the President as part of her release conditions.

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