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Gulu municipality to rename streets after councillors

Gulu municipal councillors have passed a resolution to rename the streets after them in order to keep their legacies alive. Under the resolution, all the streets in Gulu town will be renamed in honor of previous and the current 36 serving councillors in the municipality.

George Labeja, the mayor of Gulu municipality says the resolution was passed in the municipality works and technical services committee.

“The resolution started from the committee of works and technical services that all service councillors should have a road which is named into their names when they are still alive. Because it is always named after they have already died, or if you don’t maybe die immediately they also forget about giving you a name yet you have served. So, that recommendation that we made was not implemented until this year, I strongly want the physical planning of committee of the council to make sure they give all councillors names of the roads both the 9th councillors and the 10th councillors including the mayor”, Labeja says.

Gulu town

Labeja says he has directed the physical planning committee of council to execute the resolution. He says those unhappy with the resolution should push for an amendment of the council resolution.

“It is not going to be only councillors, we have even made a recommendation that all these people who are serving within the district or municipality, these prominent people roads should be named after them before they die. That is the recommendation that we made. Those councillors who come from the division of Pece, we [will] have the names in Pece, councillors who come from Laro division we [will] have the names in Laro division. That is how it is going to be distributed. It is now on council record and it will continue even if am not there, this council is not there it will now continue until council again come out with another resolution that we don’t want this to happen, then it will stop”, Labeja added.

Kerobino Uma, the Gulu Democratic Party chairperson says the resolution is misguided to award blanket recognition to councillors.
He says legends are remembered based on the merits of their contributions to social development and not ascension to leadership positions.
“How many roads….hahahahaha..shall we make in order to continue reward all those kinds of people?  Things [honouring] should depend, I think on merit. Those other people could be honoured in a different way rather than honour them through naming them through roads. It should depend on merit because of his contribution to the council. It should not be generalised”, Kerobino said.

Denis Olobo, a resident of Bardege division says the resolution was motivated by selfish desires and defeats the purpose of honouring legendary leaders. He says it was wrong for councillors to reward themselves in such ways.

Currently, some of the streets in Gulu municipality are named after Dr. Corti Lucile, the founder of St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor and some prominent Acholi chiefs including Rwot Andrea Olal of Puranga and Rwot Mutu Lagara of Patiko dynasty amongst others. 

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