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Gertrude Njuba calls for mass demos against MPs

Gertrude Njuba

Captain Gertrude Njuba, the State House Land directorate head, says Ugandans should stream onto streets in Kampala and demonstrate against the 10th Parliament’s lavish spending on cars and funerals.

In an interview with The Observer, Njuba adds that dropping piglets within the precincts of parliament by the Jobless Brotherhood youths was a primitive way of showing their displeasure with parliament.

“I have always been against any defiant acts. But today, I would willingly join the demo against the lavish expenditure of the MPs if anybody apart from Dr Kizza Besigye called me,” Njuba notes.

Njuba is the first government official to publicly criticise parliament since the controversy over its spending spilled into public view.

Njuba was particularly angered by the alleged Shs 2bn spent on the MPs’ recent trip to the US to attend the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) convention. However, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga vehemently disputes that figure.

“I have been admiring opposition politicians including Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda [Kira municipality MP] who have been telling us that they stand for the poor people’s causes. Now that they have also turned on their heels, at one time they will be described by a creature worse than a pig; for me, I am for a mass demonstration against them,” Njuba adds.

However, Chris Obore, the director for communication and public affairs at Parliament, described Njuba as ‘populist.’

Obore told The Observer on Saturday that the state honours every person who has made a contribution and MPs were among them.

“She [Njuba] has worked in State House for many years, has she ever rejected any benefits from government including her salary?” Obore wondered.

“As an elderly woman who has worked in government, she should desist from being a populist.”

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