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Man Attacks Rugunda Over Mirundi Saga

Man Attacks Rugunda Over Mirundi Saga

Ntege Kyuuma kya Yesu, a famous city TV photojournalist, yesterday attacked Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda over what he called the state’s indifference towards Tamale Mirundi’s on-air conduct.

Speaking during a media dialogue, Security Minister Henry Tumukunde convened at Twin Towers to agree on modalities how the media can do its work without jeopardizing national security, Ntege said the manner in which Mirundi violently attacks moderators who resist his utterances derogatory of senior citizens is clear breach of broadcasting standards.

Calling himself a diehard Kabaka Mutebi supporter, Ntege said: “You [Rugunda & Tumukunde] are here telling us about regulations but why are you applying them inconsistently? You want to squeeze some journalists while leaving others like Tamale Mirundi to go scot-free. He has abused many big people like the Kabaka and many others in government yet UCC seems to be too timid to do anything because he is a Presidential Advisor. This is a warning from us Baganda youths. If government fails to reign in Tamale Mirundi, we are going to do it ourselves as Baganda youths.”

Ntege said many Baganda youths had become enraged and are prepared to deal with Mirundi in case UCC, which is mandated by law to call him to order, continues with its indifference. Speaking on top of his voice, being the activists he is, Ntege said Mirundi’s expulsion from media talk shows was long overdue.

He directed his question specifically to Rugunda asking him to direct UCC to firmly act on media stations which host Mirundi. Rugunda, who faced many other questions from other media practitioners like Charles Bichachi and Joseph Beyanga, refused to answer Ntege’s question and instead insisted legal affairs Director Susan Wegoye who represented UCC, explains steps UCC had taken so far to reprimand Mirundi.

Speaking generally, Rugunda said nobody should be tolerated to use media platforms to abuse other people. He then went to other questions, a thing that left Ntege protesting from the audience though he was somehow contained by Don Wanyama who was moderating the discussion.

Towards the end of the function after even the anthems had been sung, Ntege erupted from the audience shouting at Rugunda and Tumukunde who sat next to him. “It’s okay I can see you have dodged my questions on Mirundi because you are all fearing him but to us this is a very serious matter and this is the notice to you that we are going to take the law in our hands and deal with him because can’t tolerate somebody belittling our Kabaka like that,” Ntege shouted as Rugunda led other dignitaries to the group photo session.

This is not the first time Ntege, a freelance journalist who is also an activist, is acting in such a defiant way. Some time back he sneaked into Parliament and attempted to strangle himself on the fly over concrete near the Speaker’s office. He has also severally fought with Police in riotous situations whenever fellow photojournalists are brutalized.

Kin Kariisa, the head of NBS one of the media channels Ntege accused before Rugunda for facilitating Mirundi’s unregulated attacks on senior citizens, separately explained to us that some administrative steps had been taken by his channel to remedy Mirundi’s alleged misconduct.



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