Govt Told to Inject More Resources in Veterinary Inspection

Veterinaries and Food safety experts in the country have called on the government to allocate more resources to veterinary inspection divisions both at the National and Local government level to enable veterinary inspectors execute their work.

The experts argue that strengthening veterinary inspection, especially at the farm level can reduce the incidences of food contamination which is rampant especially in livestock products.

Addressing a press conference at the Uganda Veterinary Association offices in Kampala, the president of UVA Dr Sylvia Baruka said fighting food contamination should commence at the production level because that is where the biggest challenge start at.

But for the experts to do that, she said, government needs to facilitate them.

“Government needs to allocate enough resources to the veterinary inspection division to enable veterinary inspectors carry out inspection especially to animals that are about to be taken to the slaughtering houses; on many occasions farmers are selling off their animals that are on vaccination … once such animals end up in the slaughtering house in the urban centers then the general public will be exposed to drugs residues which are not good for human health,� she explained.

She added that when veterinary inspection is strengthening this, it will also help in the fighting for the wider spread of Livestock disease’s in the country.

What is the work of Veterinary Inspector?

The veterinary Inspectors  examine  animals before  issuing  movement permits to  enforce  regulations  to ensure  appropriate transportation  of animals  in transit.

However, although the Law recognizes such officers and some districts have recruited them, their working environment does not enable them to execute their duties because they are poorly facilitated.

The experts’ comments were responding to the public health concerns about the use of unapproved chemicals for the preservation or processing of meat.

Francis Ejobi, a professor of Veterinary Public Health at Makerere University advised butchers to always desist from using chemicals in the preservation of meat because each chemical has different reaction to human body, and once consumed in large quantities, it can affect vital organs in the human body.

He challenged them to exploit the advantage of the University which he said can offer them basic trainings in livestock products preservation which is less harmful to human health.





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