Did you know? It best to exercise immediately after waking up

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | 1. It makes you sharper in the morning and puts your mental faculties at peak performance for four to 10 hours afterwards, due to the increased flow of oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

2. It makes you more disciplined since force yourself to exercise early – as a habit, will likely force yourself to do more of the things you should but have been shirking.

3. You’ll build muscle faster thanks to your hormones. You’re taking advantage of these naturally circulating hormones, as they’re peaking, rather than later in the day when they are lower.

4. You’ll get to bed earlier and have better sleep schedules because you are sure to be tired by the time bedtime rolls around after a peppy working day. Just make sure you’re hitting the hay early so your alarm does not feel too painful in the morning.

5. Your diet may improve although it is not clear whether this is because committing to a morning workout probably means you are serious enough about fitness to monitor your diet as well. Either way, go with the crowd and play the odds game.

6. As it becomes part of your routine, you avoid decision fatigue about whether to go to exercise after you get home in the evening. There is no better way to ensure exercising sticks.


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