Why Space Lounge’s Herbert Shonga and wife Dorothy are fighting

Socialite Hebert Shonga and wife Dorothy’s marriage is on the rocks after Dorothy went to her social media platforms and accused her husband of infidelity. However, in an exclusive interview with Matooke Republic, Herbert equally accuses his wife of being greedy for money and being too jealous for life! Herbert indeed admitted that he doesn’t know the direction the marriage is taking.

Herbert told us that although all assets they own are in both their names, he is worried about how his wife behaves about their money. “When it comes to money, Dorothy always behaves funny,� Shonga said. “Right now what is disturbing her is greed for money. She went on social media and posted how she bought Space Lounge using her money. I chose to keep a deaf ear, because we have several companies, and I have always let her run them�.

Shonga went on and revealed Dorothy doesn’t want to hear any female voice over her hubby’s phone; “She sets tough conditions for me, she’s too jealous, she doesn’t want to hear me talk to any female even when she has many male friends. She actually fires all girls I hire to work at the club!�

We don’t fully own Space Lounge yet!

A furious Hebert did not only stop at assuring us that Dorothy doesn’t own Space Lounge, but he also told us the club is not fully theirs as yet.

“True, we bought Space Lounge, but we haven’t yet paid for it fully; we haven’t even paid 50%. The money we used to buy the Club was from Shonga Media advertising company, so I wonder why she goes around saying the club belongs to her. In the end, it is my name she is tarnishing,� Shonga added.

Alleged home wrecker speaks out

Sheila Mulungi, the new Space Lounge publicist, is the girl said to have caused so much ruckus. Sheila was apparently hired a few months back by the club’s manager. And although Sheila insists she has never interacted with Shonga at a personal level, she was shocked when Dorothy attacked her on a work WhatsApp group.

“She calls me a Slay Queen that can’t work, she abuses my child. Her problem is that she can’t fire me like all those other girls she has fired in the past, because I am on contract. I also discovered she’s mad because her husband defends me before her,� Sheila said.

Shonga is said to be in South Africa at the moment while Dorothy is rumoured to have returned to Malawi.

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