Oktoberfest Marred In Beer Scarcity

For beer fans, Oktoberfest was long waited with different reasons.

However, revellers that attended the recently concluded Oktoberfest at Uganda Museum, are still cursing the organizers after the beers run out at the event.

Reports reveal that despite that the Organisers of the event Kampala Food Network, were meant to fetch local beer brands and International one but failed to score their mark.

It was expected that the beers were supposed to be flowing but nothing was like that as by 8:00pm there was no place with the devils waters.

To make matters worse, the beer prices kept changing from Shs 3000 up to shs 5000.  It’s clear the beer sellers took advantage of the demand to hike prices.

Most revellers were heard insulting Nile Breweries for the poor management when it came to beer prices.

Club beer was done by 7:30pm, something revellers didn’t like. They brought more beer but still it was not enough of the beer loving Ugandans.

Oktoberfest is one of the biggest beer and food festivals in the world, started in Germany over 20 years.

It’s currently held in over 70 countries in the whole, including other African countries like Kenya, South Africa, and Botswana.

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