Goons Attack Mak Varsity Gal

Police is investigating a case in which one of Makerere university female fresh graduates was attacked by unknown thugs.

Nabakembo Vivian, a resident of Makindye recently graduated with bachelors in Statistics which she obtained from Makerere University Business School [MUBS].

It was reported that Nabakembo aged 24 came under attack by unknown goons as she came from Nansana on Tuesday at around 8pm. Sources stated that Nabakembo in her statement to police said that as she walked along the road she came across two mean-looking guys who grabbed her. In the process of a brief scuffle between her and the goons, they stole her handbag containing her academic documents and mobile phone.

“They grabbed my hand and I fought so hard to disentangle myself from those guys. They were so determined to harm me. I shouted and in the process, I managed to escape but I lost my bag and the items in it. However, they warned me that they will finally get me because they know me. My life is in danger given what is currently happening to many gals of my age in the Wakiso area” a source at police quoted her as saying with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Nabakembo reported the case at Nansana police station under vide No: SD REF: 44/27/09/2017. This comes at a time when police declared quarantine in Nansana and Entebbe areas following rampant brutal murders against young females most of whom are university students. The president also on Monday visited Entebbe areas which have been marked as dark spots where several gals have been murdered by unknown gangs whose intentions are still a mystery to security agencies.  So far, 23 gals have been murdered under unclear circumstances and their assailants leave sticks inserted in their sex organs. Parliament last week also suspended its sittings until government came up with a concrete statement on these rampant murders targeting women in Nansana and Entebbe areas.

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