Goodlyfe Managers Clash Over Roles

Reports coming in from Goodlyfe crew of Radio and Weasel have it that the duo’s managers are feuding badly.  A few days ago Emmanuel Mulondo, who was singer Khalifa Aganaga’s manager, crossed to Goodlyfe to be part of the managing team.

Emma Carlos Mulondo

Now we have learnt that the team of managers has started bickering over roles. The singers have previously been having two managers called Lawrence Labeja and Chagga Yagga before they added on Mulondo.

It is reported that they have changed the strategy whereby every manager will be paid by percentage depending on the number of shows he books for the artistes. This new development has created confusion whereby Chagga has been rendered useless because he is the one who has failed to scoop deals for the artistes and is likely to be pushed out of job due to the competition that has emerged within the camp.

Lawrence labeja

Sources reveal that Chagga is very worried of being pushed away from the Goodlyfe where he has been surviving for years after his music career faded off. It is revealed that Chagga is not very popular with some music promoters and can’t bargain shows for the Goodlyfe which is why Labeja and Mulondo are overtaking him.

We have established that each manager is entitled to trips abroad depending on the show he has signed, something that has started creating bickering over the trips.

Chagga Yagga

Previously, Chagga was about to be fired after Moze Radio allegedly discovered that he had misappropriated booking fees and used the same to acquire massive land in Mityana, which includes a farm.

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