Ex-Minister Alupo Fights For Relevancy

Like they say, “desperate times call for desperate measures”, former Education minister Jessica Alupo is now struggling to fight for political relevancy after being reduced to almost nothing.

Alupo, who was ousted by Violet Akurut in 2016 general election is currently taking advantage of the heated age limit atmosphere to revive her political career. The retired UPDF Major nowadays spends more time trying to claim responsibilities of the social and economic projects in her home district-Katakwi.

Last week, Alupo had a cyber-war with Usuk County MP Peter Ogwang after the former attempted to take credit for the desilting project works on Katakwi dams.

In her post, Alupo claimed to have lobbied government in 2010 to work on these dams and that she met ministers Rwamirama and Kamuntu to desilt the dams.

“If it’s true as Alupo claims that she lobbied in 2010, how come the project is now implemented after 7 years when she is out of power? She was minister for education but Katakwi performed poorly in education. She would have used her office to streamline education in Katakwi than running to dams which did not fall in her docket,” Ogwang’s Personal Assistant Charles Otekat said.

In his facebook post, Ogwang shared with his followers a letter dated April 03, 2017 where he wrote to the minister for Agriculture Vincent Ssempijja requesting his ministry to desilt 6 dams in Katakwi among them include Ongunga, Oongole, Aliakamer, Ngariam, Abela and Adai.

“It’s unfortunate that my sister Hon Alupo is lying to people on social media that the ongoing desilting of Ongunga Dam in Ongongoja Sub County is her initiative. I believe in fairness and just society where credit is given where it is due. I have noted that some politicians tend to thrive on others’ silence to claim even what they have not done,” Ogwang said. He further asked fellow politicians from Katakwi to desist from petty politics and strive to work together for the betterment of the community.

Ogwang, also parliamentary commissioner and Alupo are public sworn enemies and the president’s effort to recently reconcile them during campaigns has borne no fruits. Despite his active role in pushing for scrapping of age limit, Ogwang who is Museveni’s blue-eyed boy among the NRM MPs remains a darling in his constituency for his continuous and selfless lobbying.

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