Kitone Vendors Invade Parliament Scare Away Male MPs

Kitone Vendors Invade Parliament Scare Away Male MPs

A section of male MPs have started evading being around Parliament premises during the night, after a sea of prostitutes hijacked the Legislative institution.

The matter came to the floor of Parliament when Okin Ojara, Chwa West-Kitgum District MP put to task Ruhakana Rugunda to explain when Government legalized prostitution in a God fearing country like Uganda.

He wondered how the Executive could look on as prostitutes invaded Parliament, leaving the male MPs to battle the prostitutes off their cars. Kicking off his remarks with a shocking voice, Ojara explained: “Yesterday (Wednesday July 26th 2017), I left Parliament a bit late at about 8Pm, as I was getting out, I encountered something shocking. I saw some ladies standing, by the gate of Parliament and they were almost naked and I realized these are prostitutes,” Okin noted before adding:

“I want to understand, has that kind of thing been legalized so that we know it is happening?” Ojara asked Rugunda, sending MPs into laughter.

The seemingly relieved MP posed the question during Prime Minister’s question time. The 45minute slot is used by Legislators to seek answers to national issues from Government. The married MP however neither divulge details on how he fought off the group of prostitutes as he drove out, nor did he reveal how much the kitone vendors were willing to charge him for the services.

But in response, the Leader of Government Business denied legalizing prostitution stating: “I am not aware of any recognisation of this new trend,” Rugunda said.

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