WATCH! Tuff B’s ‘Ndabilwamu’ video is a breath of fresh air.

By Rona Karatsi

Weeks ago we saw pictures of the behind the scenes video of singer Tuff B’s ‘Ndabilwamu‘ song. And from the pictures you could tell that it was going to be a mad hot video. Fast forward, with a lot bad things happening in Uganda, the singer has released the brand new video and it is surely a breath of fresh air.

On watching the brand new video released by the NBS TV presenter, a smile immediately went on my face. The video print, the location, the camera angles are all on point.

For those who have watched the series “Girls of the play boy mansion”… The set up of the video gave me a Hugh Hefner feel just without the many girls, the chandeliers in the house, the drinks served bring out that rich country side yet modern feel. The pillow fights in the video take me back to the glorious sleep overs we have all had. Boy do I miss those moments and relieving those in these videos was like dejavu.

The lighting is great with it’s start of the day light to night time – Perfection. Tuff B didn’t disappoint on the chemistry between him and the video vixen. On the downside, the lady used as the video looks like someone we’ve seen in many videos so you’d prefer a fresh new face.

When I get to the end of the video still with the same smile on my face, I’m thinking.. Wow I’m so proud of Uganda, we can produce such great content and am so proud of Tuff B too. This video is great. Ndabilwamu is off Singer Tuff Bs Lone walker album. Congratulations Tuff on this master piece.

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