Zari Explains why she left Diamond Platnumz

By staff writer

Zari Explains that she left Diamond to teach her sons respect for women

Zari Hassan was in Kenya over the weekend for The Colour Purple event, hosted at the Uhuru Gardens. According to reports, the South African-based Ugandan businesswoman walked away with millions of shillings for covering the event.

In an exclusive interview with Maina Kageni on Classic 105, Zari said why she had to let Diamond go after as a series of well-documented indiscretions by the Bongo star.

“I loved him so much and everyone knows about that. You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with madharau, that is when it becomes too much. I felt that my integrity was so low. Like, when my big boys see Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up.

“I asked myself, why do I have to settle for this? My children were insulted on social media. Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women, and that is why I left,” Zari said, adding that she still loves Diamond despite leaving him.

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