I tasted a rolex for the first time on Sunday at Blankets and Wine — Bettinah Tianah

Betty Nassali aka Bettinah Tianah of the NTV Style Project has shocked Ugandans after claiming that she is a stranger to popular street food, rolex! While at Blankets and Wine on Sunday, the dark-skinned NTV presenter settled for a rolex at one of the stalls.

Bettinah at the event

Like most slay queens do, she made the order as a accompany of her friends recorded the moment.  What has shocked people most is her wild claim that it was her first time. Yes, despite the fact that she is born and bred right here in Uganda, a rolex has not been one of those ‘things’ she has been eating!

However, this is not the first time she is making an outrageous claim. Recently, she claimed she bought fake Balenciaga sneakers ( which she spelt as Balemcyaga) at almost Shs3m.

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