I pity women who do not know what their men want — Angela Kalule

Singer Angela Kalule has stated that she is very shocked by women who are criticising her over her leaked bedroom video. While speaking on Capital FM this morning, she stated that  her husband also sends her videos and she is lucky his videos were not leaked. She explained that they share the videos to spice up their love life.

“I didn’t find it good when fellow women criticise that (video). I pity your men because you do not take time to know what your men want. For this case I know what my man wants and that’s what exactly he wants. Though we were unfortunate that the video leaked”, she explained.

“In this era whereby most of the time you’re not with the hubby. You have to do everything possible to see that things stay on track,” Kalule explained the intention of the video.

She stated that the video leaked because she failed to meet the demand of the blackmailer in time.

“It’s unfortunate that someone wanted to black mail me in order to get money which I didn’t have by that time. That’s why that somebody ended up leaking the video”, she explained.

The soft voiced singer went ahead to thank everyone who has sympathised with her following the incident. However, according to the singer most of the family members have made phone calls to strengthen her but the dad has not.

“My sisters and brothers have all communicated to me but surprisingly my dad has not yet. I don’t know why,”she stated.




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