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CAMPUS FASHION! Reasons why black is the only color worth wearing

I recently heard a girl say she didn’t own a black dress in her closet. To say I was shocked would be inaccurate, I was more on the lines of mind blown, how is it possible? To me black ensembles, especially a black dress are my life. Please point me to someone who went black and got it wrong… impossible. It’s the safest color in the history of fashion. I know outsounding fashion is the bold kind but black can be your slayer as much as your safety. There are a million ways to go black without looking gothic or a black widow. Here’s why black is a girl’s best friend.

It’s slimmer

I don’t have to say this but to make the point clear I will, any outfit that isn’t flattering you is in cahoots with the devil. Please don’t wear something everyone’s wearing before checking how your body will respond to it. Your black ensemble will not only make you a tad slimmer but will highlight only that which needs highlighting.

It never gets stained

If you want to hate white and all it’s besties on the color spectrum, try getting a red wine or dark choclate stain on to  these colors, death. The sword will go deeper if it’s an outfit you adore and cost you a pretty penny. We live in Uganda, there might be a good dry cleaner that will get the stain out completely but I haven’t heard of many. Plus the existing ones will ask you for an amount equivalent to that which you bought the dress. With black you won’t spend decades washing the Kampala dust off, it’s black, dust is like it’s distant cousin, but still a cousin.

It’s easy to match

There was a time, a very sad time I might add, when people found it okay to wear sky blue with lime green and screaming yellow. Yes it was trend, yes people got aboard the train but it never stack with me, I never indulged in the blinding trend. Allow me to show you the magic black does when trying to mix and match. Black pants, red midriff blouse, beige purse and beige heels. Aren’t you in love just imagining that, I know I am, you’re not looking like a clown.

You can literally find it anywhere     

Like seriously, black is the mother of dark colors just as white is for the light. This means black will reveal itself in the tiniest boutiques to the most high-end ones, you are never out of luck.

I seriously can’t convince you anymore than I have. This girl’s confession riled me up and so I decided to do something good for the universe, let them in on the secret.

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