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Take your children to places of worship

Waking them up on Sundays for the 8am church service is not really hard because on a normal school day, my children wake up and set off for Kabojja Junior School at 6am. So, last Sunday I was the only one being dragged out of bed because I thought I should skip church. I later realised that my little ones never miss the end of month service, which they seem to have as their favourite.

Barbie with her family
Barbie with her family

Lazy me picked one of those dresses that don’t need ironing and off we drove to children’s church. The rule at church is that children must be put into different age groups. So my children have to be split into different classes. I was keen this Sunday and interested in attending at least one of the classes, I randomly chose to briefly attend the  5 to 6 age group church.

What caught my attention was the skit. I realised after the act that they were teaching about a good Samaritan. We may teach our children about life and all that society expects of them. We may teach about giving to the needy, refraining from theft, avoiding lies and all the necessary life lessons. We parents can only talk about life differently at different times at every given chance but this kind of talk needs extra enforcement otherwise kids get bored of the same disciplinary talk from us. As a result, they stop taking us seriously, so they listen selectively.

 At places of worship though, our children have a big chance of getting life lessons backed up by success stories of characters in the holy books. Reflecting on how God blessed these characters because of their faithfulness towards him, our children will want to live purely in order to be blessed as well.

The friends I have today, I made at church when I was younger. Most popular musicians and instrumentalists learnt music from church choirs. All the above are benefits of continuously involving children with activities happening in worship places. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom so if we taught our children about God and if we gave them a chance to learn more every worship day, a lot of positive change could occur in their lives and in our society.

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