Supermarkets Agree to Provide 40% Shelf Space to Ugandan Products

State Minister for Trade Hon Michael Kafabusa Werikhe has appealed to Ugandan manufacturers to put more efforts in boosting the quality of their products as government continues to open up markets for these products.

Under the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) Policy, the Ministry says it has negotiated with local supermarkets to allocate nearly half of their shelf space to Ugandan made goods.

The junior trade minister last week revealed, “Under our ministry, we have been able to negotiate with owners of supermarkets to dedicate 40% of the shelf space to locally manufactured products.�

“I must add through, that the 40% that we have managed to negotiate should not be taken for granted.

“Local companies must make an effort to improve the quality of their products. This can only be achieved through standardization of their production processes.�

The minister was speaking at this year’s award ceremony for the best performing companies as ranked by the standards regulator Uganda National Bureau of Standards.

Speaking at the event, the head of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) Gideon Badagawa, reiterated passionately the need for Uganda to put its products first.

Where need arises, Mr Badagawa called for government to pass stricter laws to allow curtail the ever growing volume of imports.

Government’s annual budget, more than 80% of which goes to procurement, Mr Badagawa said should be revisted to benefit more of local manufatuerers.

Without this, he warned,  the country stands to lose even as it enters the regional intergration arranegemrent.

Badagawa also warned that more has to be done in supporting local oproducters if the country is to attain the 2020 target to tranfrom to a middle income economy.

“Our GDP today is $780. But this is even after we rebased the economy. It was previously at $680. Between now and 2020 we must add an extra $300 be able to get to lower middle income. The only way is by providing jobs to our people and we do that by providing market for our products,� Badagawa said.

“Ugandans are interesting people. they like to produce what they don’t consume and consume what they don’t produce. This is a big challenge, if you like, a time bomb.

“This is because we have vast numbers of youths that are looking for nothing else but jobs. Every time you think Uganda is inferior and foreign is superior you are donating jobs elsewhere. You are mortgaging the future of the country.�

The PSFU boss called on government to be stricter on its foreign oroject contrators who come into the country and dnt want to use its goods and human resources.

“Foreigners who come here tell us that our good don’t meet the standards. But we for instance have been supplying steel to some companies and they have done a good job here.�

“The steel that is being used in Jinja bridge is from roofings. Why cant be used for the dams Karuma isumba and the express way. If products have been tested and found syitable by UNBS, this is where the law is needed (Local Content Bill.)

At the awards event, Movit Products was awarded the overall best performing company by UNBS.

Other winners included Allied Beberages in the category of Beverages, Regal Paints in chemicals, Hima Cement in Construction, Eagle Air is Services among others.

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