South Africa Based Ugandan Businessman Medard Mugarura Busted

A Johannesburg-South Africa based Ugandan businessman known as Mugarura  Medard aka Chris is another rich Ugandan  whose activities and dealings in South Africa  have been exposed.

Chris as Medard is commonly known among his close circles in South Africa as rich and extremely reclusive. He keeps a low profile both in South Africa and whenever he flies in Uganda.  Our sources say he trained as a military commando both in America and Cuba and previously worked with the America’s Special Forces in the Middle East.

The same sources claim that Chris is closely linked with various International organizations that fund homosexuality and other sexual minority groups both in South Africa and Uganda. These organizations channel huge funds through Chris who in turn wires most of the funds to both South African and Ugandan based organizations and individuals promoting gay rights.  It is said Chris covertly supports many groups advocating for homosexuality rights in Uganda and has even helped to settle in individuals who run away due to homophobia back in Uganda. Chris is said to be a vocal advocate of homosexuality rights and frequently posts his support on social media.

Another source close to Chris in South Africa claims he has dealings with some local South African nationals who he helps hide their wealth and ill-gotten money. This earns Chris huge commissions that have made him very rich. However unlike his Sangoma friends who are show offs and like flaunting their wealth, Chris is very reclusive and operates under the radar both here and in South Africa.

Sources say that although Chris fervently advocates for sexual rights of minority groups, he himself has a wife and family with some children both here and in South Africa. Chris is also highly connected in South Africa that when his bank accounts were allegedly frozen by the Zuma Government over suspicious dealings, some big shots in South Africa Government and business circles prevailed over Government and his dimes were saved.

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