Which Company Provides the Most Affordable, Reliable and Fast Internet in Uganda?

Ugandan corporate institutions continue to grapple with high cost of internet.

This is not the only challenge.

The internet provided to private companies and non-governmental organizations is always unreliable, slow and expensive.

While some private companies promise ‘fast’, ‘reliable’ and ‘affordable’ internet, consumers are yet to get value for money.

According to Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), telephone subscribers increased from 19.5 million in 2013 to 23 million in 2015, while internet users grew from 8.5 million to 13 million in the same period.

During a recent dialogue organized by ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze, ICT association of Uganda official James Makumbi, said the cost of internet provided by telecom companies is a serious hindrance to innovations in ICT.

“The cost is very prohibitive. The telecom companies are charging us highly for hosting our ideas and projects on their platforms,” he added.

In our poll, we ask Ugandans what should be done to reduce the cost of internet.

We also ask Ugandans to vote for the best company providing reliable, secure, affordable and high speed internet for corporate institutions in Uganda.

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